Charlie Cunningham releases Spotify Live session

 Charlie recently recorded a live session at the Spotify office in London. It’s out on Spotify today.
Listen here (or click the image)
Track list
1. You Sigh (Live from Spotify, London)
2. Blindfold (Live from Spotify, London)
3. Minimum (Live from Spotify, London)
4. Lights Off (Live from Spotify, London)
5. Paper Planes (Live from Spotify, London) *
* Paper Planes is a cover, originally recorded by M.I.A.
It’s busy days for Charlie right now. He is currently playing festivals in Europe, then it’s time to go back to the US for 18 shows and end this year with almost 32 shows in Europe.
Tour dates (also here)
Aug 6 Dranouter, Belgium
Aug 7 Konzert im Park, Dresden, Germany
Aug 8 Akustikarena, Germany
Aug 10 Haldern Pop, Germany
Aug 12 Bezau Baetz, Austria
Aug 15 FM4 Frequenzy, Austria
Aug 19 Greenman, UK
Sep 1 Other Voices at Electric Picnic, Ireland
Sep 3 We are your friends, Oxford, UK
Sep 9 B-Sites, Germany
Sep 20 Reeperbahn Festival, Germany
Sep 30 7 Layers Festival, Netherlands
Oct 4 Vancouver, Can (with Low Roar)
Oct 6 Seattle, US (with Low Roar)
Oct 7 Portland, US (with Low Roar)
Oct 9 San Francisco, US (with Low Roar)
Oct 10 Los Angeles, US (with Low Roar)
Oct 12 New York, US (with Blind Pilot)
Oct 13 Washington, US (with Blind Pilot)
Oct 16 Cambridge (MA), US (with Blind Pilot)
Oct 17 Providence (RI), US (with Blind Pilot)
Oct 18 Hamden (CT), US (with Blind Pilot)
Oct 19 Wilmington (DE), US (with Blind Pilot)
Oct 21 Charlotte (NC), US (with Blind Pilot)
Oct 22 Charleston (SC), US (with Blind Pilot)
Oct 23 Athens (GA), US (with Blind Pilot)
Oct 24 Knoxville (TN), US (with Blind Pilot)
Oct 25 Nashville (TN), US (with Blind Pilot)
Nov 1 Bristol, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 2 Exeter, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 3 London, UK (w Lucy Rose) O2 Shepherd’s Bush
Nov 4 Brighton, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 6 Manchester, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 7 Leeds, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 8 Hebden Bridge, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 9 York, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 11 Dublin, Ireland (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 12 Liverpool, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 13 Hull, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 14 Edinburgh, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 15 Glasgow, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 17 Gloucester, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 18 Cardiff, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 19 Oxford, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 21 Birmingham, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 22 Nottingham, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 23 Cambridge, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Nov 24 Southampton, UK (w Lucy Rose)
Dec 1 La Roche-Sur-Yon, FR
Dec 2 Orleans, FR
Dec 3 Utrecht, NL
Dec 4 Oldenburg, DE
Dec 6 Mainz, DE
Dec 7 Bielefelder Songnächte, DE
Dec 8 Gent, BE
Dec 9 Erfurt, DE
Dec 10 Loerrach, DE
Dec 12 Zürich, CH
Dec 13 Lausanne, CH
Dec 14 Lyon, FR
+ 2 more US shows still not announced
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Charlie Cunningham’s debut album ’Lines’ was released earlier this year.